Women ONLY boxercise!!!Every Saturday from 11am-12pm!!!

At D&A women only boxercise class,professional boxing techniques(though you wont actually fight no one)and curcuit training are combined to create an intense work out.Sure you have to work hard but end of the class you'll feel amazing.

Boxercise is a thorough full-body workout,which focus on more then just the  arms,this class is involved upper body conditioning,which tones and strengthens the core,as well as cardio training,which improves stamina and heart functionality.As a result ,Boxercise is a sure-fire to achive a lean ,and toned body.You will also improve agility,stamina and co-ordination, all while burning hundreds of calories.

Each session is fun and energetic , and is a great way to relieve stress too.

this class run by our expert trainer and it last an hour.


For more info 

Please call us on 07800766818

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