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Yoga is a peaceful practice that cultivates health and well-being through challenging postures, movements, and breathing exercises. But did you know yoga can make you a better boxer?

1. Control breathing with Pranayama to improve your stamina

Pranayama and other breath control techniques can improve your fight stamina and recovery between rounds. If you've spent any time doing aerobic roadwork, you know how important proper breathing is for endurance. Yoga practice will put you more in tune with your breathing, and help you control it while exerting yourself under stress.

2. Create length with yoga stretching to extend your reach

Long reach isn't required for boxing success, but it certainly helps. Unfortunately, countless hours of impact work on pads, bags, and sparring partners means training boxing can shorten and bulk the muscle fibers. 


3. Improve balance for better offense, defense, and movement

Balance is cruical in boxing.

Balanced boxers can punch, move, or defend from any position at any moment. On the other hand, off-balanced boxers have weak punches, slower reactions, and a higher likelihood of being knocked down. 



4. Prevent injury for faster boxing development

Yoga combines mobility work, balance training, and static/dynamic stretching to significantly reduce the risk of injury for boxers.


5. Repair boxing-related pain and stiffness

Boxing training involves spending a lot of time in unnatural positions. Moreover, most people favour orthodox or southpaw, which can lead to some pretty nasty muscle imbalances. Fortunately, yoga can repair all of these boxing-specific issues:

  • Stop neck/shoulder pain from holding tight guards.
  • Relieve hand and wrist soreness from high-volume punching.
  • Reduce back pain from sharp torso/head movement and heavy inside fighting.


6. Reduce fight-related stress for better sleep, recovery, and performance

Staying calm in the ring is critical. Excess anxiety will disrupt your training, sap you of energy on fight night, and make it almost impossible to stick to a game-plan.

7. Increase attention span and learning ability to up your fight IQ

Perhaps the most understated benefit of yoga for boxing is it's powerful effect on learning. Though it's not a Limitless drug, yoga can give your boxing brain a serious boost.

8. Stay "in the zone" longer, increasing flow-state time in your fight

The most successful boxers often describe their greatest moments in strange ways: rather than taking the credit for every move they make, they'll talk about being "in the zone," "on autopilot," or "out of body." 

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