The Team

Anthony Hull - Managing Director/Head Coach/Head Mentor

Anthony opened the gym back in 2006 and has been heavily involved with the local community ever since.

He is one of the head coaches at the gym and works closely with the PRO Team as well as mentoring people of all ages. As head mentor, he is the first port of call for the young people who attend the gym who are struggling with not just boxing but other aspects of their lives as well. It isn’t just young people who turn to Anthony, adults tend to look to him for guidance also.

Anthony has been involved in boxing and martial arts most of his life and and has trained and competed WorldWide. He is a member of the Institute of Filipino Martial Arts – Warriors Eskrima. He has trained with beginners and professionals for 30 years and had competed for the England squad in Karate and also competed in the International Karate Circuit around Europe and competed in boxing worldwide.

Anthony Currently holds -

  • Black Belt in Weaponry

  • Brown Belt in Taekwondo

  • Black Belt in Choi Kwang Do

  • Black Belt in Wado-Kai

  • Eskrima

He also currently holds the Midlands Area British Heavyweight Title 2012


 Professional boxing coach with BBBC

Advanced First Aid with BBBC-understanding of head injuries  

ABA Boxing Coach level 1

ABA boxing Coach level 2

ABA Boxing Tutor

Advanced Personal Trainer

Level 2 Mentoring

Level 2 Conflict and Awareness

Level 5 Self-Protection

Introduction to safeguarding children

General first aider

Head trauma qualification 

Close Protection


Darryl Johnson - Coach/Mentor/CPO


Darryl has been by Anthony’s side since the gym opened in 2006, he is the head coach and is a favorite with the young people that attend the gym.

Darryl works closely with the under 16’s whilst running the evening classes. Parents have frequently brought their children to us and explained that they want their children to start boxing as they have difficulty controlling their aggression and feel that boxing is something that could help. Darryl works with the young people and helps them to channel their aggressive energy and turn it in to forms of positive behavior, also teaching high levels of discipline.

With hard work and determination from both Darryl and the young people involved, they have achieved great things, not only learning the skills and techniques of boxing but also learning important life lessons.

In earlier life Darryl had a lack of confidence and was very shy, in 1999 with the help of his cousin Anthony, he began to box. It soon became apparent that he was very talented when competing as a fighter and his confidence began to grow. In his experience, boxing has helped him to view life from a better perspective and has opened doors to a new circle of like minded friends from similar backgrounds.




Level 2 Mentoring

Level 2 Self Protection

ABA Boxing Tutor




Neil Rigby- Boxing and Life Coach


Neil has been boxing for a number of years, he started just to keep fit but after a few one to one sessions found he had a natural flair for boxing, after closely working with Anthony Hull, Neil has now had a number of Semi-Proffessional bouts with a current record of 13 fights 12 wins and a loss with 10 of those victorys coming by way of KO. Neil is the current holder of two Midlands Heavyweight Titles and an English Heavyweight Title. He has now decided to join our team and help pass on some of his knowledge to our ever growing roster of prospects that are constantly coming through the doors of the gym.




  • Close protection
  • Introduction to safeguarding children
  • General First Aider
  • Level 3 Personal trainer/fitness instructor






Brian Mcalinden - Strength and Conditioning Coach

Brian has also been a part of the D&A Team since the doors opened and is also a close friend of Anthony and has been for many years.

Brian is the gym’s Strength and Conditioning Coach and works alongside all of our fighters. He is always there to prepare our students mentally and physically for upcoming fights and is also an ABA Qualified Boxing Coach.

Brian also takes care of the nutritional side of things, and is the go to for the all important Protein shakes and other nutritional supplements.


  • Introduction to safeguarding children
  • ABA boxing coach
  • First Aid 
  • Level 3 personal trainer/ fitness instructor



Lee Harrison


Lee has fought on a many of the Blood Sweat and Tears shows and is a valued member of the team with a wealth of knowledge to pass on to our students.

Lee has trained in martial arts for over 29 years, his training started in Tae-Kwon-Do at the age of 16 and then moved on to kick boxing. Lee also boxed as an amateur in his younger days. He now teaches the Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima which involves stick fighting, knife defense, panantukan (dirty boxing) and unarmed combat (locks and throws). He also trains in Sayoc Kali.




Vincent Guy - Personal trainer and fitness coach


Vincent is Anthony's cousin and has been training at D&A since 2008 so we were more then happy when he finally decided to join the team as personal trainer and fitness coach.


He has for the most part been an athletics coach but has taken up boxing in the last year and has exceled in his progress to becoming and ABA fully qualified boxing tutor.

Vincent is a qualifield personal trainer specailising in fitness ,strenght and full body conditioning and also has experience working with kids.He has come a long way since starting with us taking on our "lil pro's" boxing class and starting a seperate fitness class for adults.




  • Level 3 personal trainer / fitness instructor
  • General first aider 
  • Intriduction to safeguarding children
  • ABA boxing coach level 1






Damion Gardner – Club Secretary and ABA Coach



Damion has been boxing at D & A for a number of years. Anthony took him under his wing; with his guidance and skills Damion has made sufficient progress in boxing. Current record 10 semi-professional fights 8 wins, 2 losses and former West Midland’s heavy weight area champion.

Damion manages the daily admin of the amateur boxing, arranging and organising boxing bouts for the amateur fighters. Damion also teaches alongside the other coaches during classes.



  • ABA boxing coach
  • First Aid


Shay Scott - PR & Events Manager


Shay has been with D&A since 2009 and is one of the gyms mentors, also dealing with the majority of public relations. Shay met Anthony after singing on a boxing show, after this Anthony and Shay formed a close relationship and have worked closely together over recent years to make the gym a better place and to constantly improve the gym for the youth in the community. 





Lily Lengyel- Secretary and Designated Safeguarding Officer


Lily is a crucial member of the team managing the day to day runnings of the gym. Lily is our club secretary and is one of the unsung heroins of the gym dealing with pretty much everthing that we need to comply with to make sure our doors stay open serving our community!


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