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  • Mark Bash (Thursday, May 18 17 01:43 pm BST)

    From Fighting Fat to Fighting fit

    So believe it not in my youth I was reasonably fit I was into Football, Rugby Basketball, Running and dabbled in Martial arts but life and work took over and I let myself slip and through laziness, poor diet and drinking I let myself go, looking back now I’m disappointed in myself for letting it happen but it did and I had to do something, It hit home when my daughter was born and I saw photos of me next to her and decided enough was enough.

    I tried Dieting, Weight programs, Joining Gyms etc... but on their own I found counting calories or spending hours on a treadmill failed to keep me motivated, Years before I had tried my hand at some boxing classes and decided that was my next stop, So after asking around for recommendations D&A came up again and again so made the life changing decision to pay the gym a visit, From the moment I walked in I was welcomed and advised on the steps I needed to take and the trainers invited me to try out my first class.

    Now I won’t lie the training is hard but ultimately so rewarding, I can’t stress enough that in real life there is no magic pill, no wonder diet there is no way round it if you want results then hard work is the key and I promise you there is no fitness classes like boxing fitness classes but that’s the best part for me the reward and sense of achievement you get from pushing yourself is unmatched elsewhere, Consistency is the key when it comes to boxing for me, It hurts at first but if you push through the first few weeks the rewards you receive in return are worth it, Your fitness will be taken to new levels, The weight loss comes fast, you learn a self-defence and your confidence will grow. I found all of this after joining D&A boxing gym The classes cater for everyone they change constantly to keep things fresh and you motivated and I’m confident the D&A team can help you achieve you goals whatever they are, you can choose how far you go, Start like I did to just lose weight and improve my fitness when I started I could barely get through a single class but through time and consistency I became addicted training 4 times a week, fitness and weight loss turned into learning a self-defence to joining in sparring sessions, Then working closely with Anthony and D the head trainers in 121 sessions and eventually fighting on one of the many D&A shows something 12months ago I wouldn’t of dreamed of. Everyone’s journey is different but ultimately it’s down to you, I was never pushed or pressured into anything I didn’t want to do I was helped and guided along the way and moved to the next level when I felt ready.

    I Can’t recommend Boxing Enough it changed the whole course of my life I went from A fat Lazy excuse maker to looking forward to getting to the gym learning something new, getting fitter stronger, improving myself becoming more competitive this branched into other aspects of my life I found myself getting up for early morning runs, weight training and since getting my fitness back I’ve taken part in several running events including half marathons and Tough mudder, This year I’m competing in 3 Spartan races and plan on fighting on another D&A show none of this would have been possible without boxing and the help and support I received from Anthony, D and everyone at D&A Boxing their experience and knowledge is invaluable I love going to this gym and can’t fault it the trainers, members and atmosphere can’t recommend them enough, if your seriously considering boxing or looking for an alternative fitness program Start today I promise you won’t regret it.

  • Alex Demetre (Thursday, March 02 17 11:55 am GMT)

    Daisy-Mays Charity Fundraiser
    My name is Alex Demetre and I am now a proud member of the d&a family. After seeing one of the trainers while out with my daughter Daisy-May, who is a double amputee (born with a condition called fibula hememilia) a great idea was thought up. Brian Mcalinden wanted to do something to change Daisy's day to day life and we decided the best way to do that was to get her an electric wheelchair to give her more independence. So Brian along with his business partner Antony Hull arranged a charity event where I would be boxing on a semi pro show. Instantly I agreed to fight as i would do anything for Daisy at the same time thinking what have I let myself in for (lol).
    After getting great support for the event from the local community and d&a boxing school of excellence the 8 weeks training began.
    The 8 weeks training started off getting my fitness levels up, no sport like boxing to do that. Then as the time progressed they were moulding me into something that resembled a boxer. I had started to get the basics the movement and the punching, just as I started to get comfortable the real challenge began. "Sparring" it is the hardest but strangely the most enjoyable part going in the ring with tough lads who do this on a daily basis and believe me you don't get much tougher than people who train at d&a. As the next few weeks of training went by and after going home with broken noses, black eyes and the missis thinking I'm crazy, the training was over
    The day of the fight had arrived and nerves and excitement was kicking in I knew all my family and Daisy-May would be there to support me and the pressure I put on myself to make sure I did d&a proud. The build up was brilliant the crowd all behind us and what we was doing and then it was time. As I entered the room and got in the ring the pressure went, I knew what I had to do and I was there to win for Daisy. The fight began and 60 seconds later it was over I got the win by stoppage and it was the best feeling in the world we had accomplished our goal.
    Working together with the lads from d&a we had achieved something amazing and to get the victory made the night even more special for everyone. We had raised £7800 by us all coming together and the local community joining us on our challenge.
    All I can say is a massive thanks to Brian and Antony, the lads from d&a who got me ready and to the local community for supporting us.
    Also a big thanks from Daisy-May who loves her new wheelchair x

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